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What Page Should My Child Be On?

This is where they should be on an average.


Oct 6 1-4

Oct 7 5-8

Oct 8 9-12

Oct 9 Open Class

Oct 10 Field Trip

Oct 13 No School

Oct 14 13-16

Oct 15 17-20

Oct 16 Open Class

Oct 17 21-24

Oct 20 25-28

Oct 21 29-32

Oct 22 33-36

Oct 23 Open Class

Oct 24 37-40

Oct 27 Quiz

Oct 28 Pace Testing

New Quarter Begins

Oct 29 1-4


This schedule usually applies to all grades EXCEPT Jr Elementary Classes.

 If your child has a smaller Pace please just divide number of pages by 12...

This will determine how many pages they due per day.  Then follow the academic school days above to know what page your child is on.

Call Office with any questions.


School Closings Listed on Channels:


13 ABC  





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